Michael Garelick


I have been helping people negotiate solutions to some of life's biggest challenges for over 48 years as a professional mediator.  My diverse experience gives me the skills and understanding to help solve the many problems we face in our lifecycle.

As a Parenting Consultant, I work with families to resolve a wide range of issues of conflict in a family situation.  Arbitration is used when the parties cannot resolve an issue by themselves.  I work with social workers, attorneys, therapists, and family counselors to solve problems.

As a Parenting Time Expeditor, I work with parents to resolve the concerns and conflicts of visitation in child custody settlements.

As a Guardian ad Litem, I work with parents, grandparents, foster parents, social workers and attorneys to determine the best interest of children.

As a Supreme Court Neutral 114, I adhere to the highest ethical standards.


As a Hospice Chaplain, I listen and give comfort to those in the last phase of the lifecycle.

As a Real Estate Mediator and Arbitrator, I use my skills to build a solution between all parties.


As a Financial Early Neutral Evaluator, Financial and Social – First assessment of the family's strengths and weaknesses for families in change.

As a 20 year Member of the Hennepin County Board of Property Equalization, I work with the City and County Assessors to determine the values of property for tax assessment.

As a Social Early Neutral Evaluator, who is not an attorney, I bring a fresh and unbiased approach to solving the complex problems of families in change.

As a Former Planning Commissioner in the City of Shorewood and St. Louis Park, I worked for a consensus to solve problems that involve many people.

As a Cancer Survivor, I understand the financial and emotional toll that life events have on a family.

As a Licensed Realtor with 48 years experience, I understand foreclosures, short sales and bankruptcies that have had such a detrimental effect on families.

As a Family Mediator, I offer Boot Camp for Husbands.

As a Divorce Mediator, I do pro bono work for Hennepin County Family Court.


As a person who does Elder Mediation, I work with families, nursing homes, social services and government.


As a Volunteer at Tubman, acts as Parenting Consultant


As a former Volunteer Mediator for the MN Depart. Of Human Rights, I have mediated real estate discrimination, sexual harassment, and age and employment discrimination cases.



Available weekdays, weeknights, Saturdays and Sundays.

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