Early Neutral Social & Financial Evaluator

I am a Social and Financial Early Neutral Evaluator approved by the State of Minnesota. The Early Neutral Evaluation is the first legal step in the divorce process.

The ENE is a confidential, voluntary, evaluative process, designed to facilitate prompt dispute resolution in custody, parenting time, and financial matters. Feedback is given to the attorneys and their parties.

My experience spans a full range of skills needed to help make the decisions that a family in transition needs. I have been a Guardian ad Litem for Hennepin Count and currently practice as a Parenting Expeditor, Realtor Emeritus, Parenting Consultant, volunteer Hospice Chaplain, Early Neutral Evaluator, Supreme Court 114 Neutral, Real Estate Mediator and Arbitrator. In addition, I do divorce mediation.

My pro bono work includes mediation for the Minnesota Department of Human Rights, Divorce Mediation for Hennepin and Ramsey County Family Courts and I am a Mediator and Parenting Consultant for Tubman Shelter.

My focus is always "What is in the best interest for the children?"

Let me help your family make a smooth transition in a very difficult process.