Elder Mediation

As a Mediator who does Elder Mediation, I work with families, lawyers, nursing homes, social services and government agencies.
The full Lifecycle brings many changes to families.  Questions like: Should I stay in my home or move to assisted living?  Who will pay my bills?  My children don't speak to each other.  What can I do?  I need someone to help with my care.  Where can I get help?  These complex family problems can all be addressed.  In mediation, my life experiences are perfectly suited to help resolve these problems.
I am a senior citizen with almost 50 years of mediation experience.  I understand what you are going through.  My personal journey in life has been challenging.
  •  My mother died with I was 17.  I learned a lot about independence at that time.
  • I have been divorced and I learned how children are affected and how to deal with the financial firestorm that could happen.
  • I was diagnosed with three cancers in 2005.  I learned about hope, being in the moment and to look at each day as a bonus.  I am now cancer free.  My recovery was in a nursing home.
  • I became a volunteer Hospice Chaplain to help others with closure and to help families heal.
Let me help as a Supreme Court 114 Neutral to help you solve the problems that arise as your parents age.  I can help your family determine what is in the best interest of the parent.
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Michael Garelick
Lifecycle Mediation